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Maps and Royal Marketing

16. September 2019 Katharina 4 min read

When we look at Ed Fairburn’s maps with the portraits of women, we are fascinated. With the lines, streets and places Fairburn creates the women’s faces. They are […]

Ed Fairburn’s Maps

13. September 2019 Katharina 3 min read

We can look at a picture and decide whether we like it or not. And we can look at a picture and try to find out which story/ArtStory […]

A Journey Moves My Heart

9. September 2019 Katharina 2 min read

The pictures of Ed Fairburn remind me of one moment at the plane. When you soon will land, you get a view at the city or landscape outside. […]

Say it with Pearls

24. August 2019 Katharina 3 min read No Comments

Something beautiful becomes heavy. The pearl necklace lies tightly around the woman’s neck. And its end falls heavily down on the floor. How long can the woman remain […] Instagram

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